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 DOWNINGTOWN, PA.  19335-1305

The letters beneath the year designate the color the apparatus was painted.  If multiple designations appear, they represent the progressive change in colors which has occurred over the years.


BB  =  Beige and Brown
BW  =  Blue and White
BLW =  Black and White
BY  =  Black and Yellow
G   =  Green
GRW =  Grey and White
GW  =  Green and White
LG  =  Lime Green
LGW =  Lime Green and White
M   =  Maroon
MW  =  Maroon and White
MGW =  Metallic Green and White
OD  =  Olive Drab
OW  =  Orange and White
R   =  Red
RW  =  Red and White
SBW =  Smurf Blue and White
TB  =  Tampa Beige
W   =  White
Y   =  Yellow
YG  =  Yellow and Green
YW  =  Yellow and White



1918 R


Ahrens-Fox, model K-4, reg. no. 678, motor  no. 267, 750 /50, chain drive, pumper and hose car with booster tank. It was delivered 3/30/18, no. 43 of 58 made.

Chevrolet chemical, two 35 gallon chemical tanks, in  service in 1941 & 1944, referred to as a squad by 1948.

1948 R


Buffalo, semi-cab, 750/150, ser. no. A-2553, smooth sided body.

1948 R


Chevrolet, semi-cab, 200/300, contoured body with nocompartments, twin booster reels.  It was sold to the Goshen Fire Company (Chester County) in 1954 because the insurance underwriters said the company needed a larger capacity pumper to meet the insurance requirements in their district.  On 10/29/55, while responding to a barn fire outside of West Chester, it rolled over going around a sharp curve and killed Asst. Chief George H. Parry and injured two others.  Goshen decided to replace it than repair it.

1953 R


Pirsch, semi-cab, 1000/300, slanted cab door windows, 2 booster reels on top with Hardie guns, large numeral 2 on cab doors, rear fender compartments, red roto-rays above windshield center, CD contributed toward purchase, hood lettered Haverford Township Bureau of Fire, lettered Llanerch above rear wheels, 6 cylinder Waukesha gas motor, manual transmission, round the pump proportioner sold in 1976 to the DiFrancisco Quarry in the township

1941 R


Pirsch, conv. semi-cab, 750/150, 250 ft of groundladders, red roto-rays above windshield center, rounded rear fenders, originally purchased by Keystone of Boyertown (Berks County), sold to Oakmont (Delaware County), sold to East Lansdowne Fire Company (Delaware County) in 1950 relettered TRUCK #24 on cab doors, sold to Llanarch in 1954.

1940 R


Seagrave, semi-cab, 65 ft midmount steel aerial ladder,ser. no. A-4150, 100 water, painted 3/15/40, main ladder swmi-automatic, flat one piece windshield, in June of 1959 it was purchased from Highland Park-Upper Darby   Township (Delaware County), in the spring of 1962 traded-in to ALF represenative Chas. Mullin who sold it Clifton Heights (Delaware County) for $6,000 who repainted and updated it.  By 1971 it was sold to Edgley (Bucks County) who put a large white Keystone on the doors.  It was donated to Union of Cornwells (Bucks County) in 1975, by 1978 it was finally retired.

1962 R RW


American LaFrance 900 Series, semi-cab, 100 ft steel midmount ladder,   300 PTO pump, purchased through Chas. Mullin for $61,000, purchased when the state built new mental health clinic at Darby and Marple Roads and underwriters recommended township needed 3 aerial ladders in the event an evacuation of the facility was necessary.  Township was not happy, asked the state to pay for it. Twp. Put a diesel motor in it in 1978 for $15,000.  It was sold to the Chalfont Fire Company (Bucks County) in 1983 for $40,000. Chalfont had a fiberglass cab enclosure added and repowered it with a 250 HP Cummins diesel.  Sold out of the fire service in 1995 to Harry Brown of Plumsteadville (Bucks County) an a individual from Telford for a couple of thousand dollars. In the winter of 1995-96 it was left out in the weather with a tarp over it.  The tarp blew off and the bungee cords which were suppose to hold it down, damaged the paint job.  In 1997-98 it was sold to the North Penn Fire Company of North Wales Borough (Montgomery County) which took the main off of it and switched it with the one from their 1975 American LaFrance.  It was then sold to an individual from Ruther Glen (Caroline County, VA) for $3,500-member of Old Dominion Historical Fire Society.

1965 R


American LaFrance 900 Series, semi-cab, sold in 1986 to the Orange County, FL training school in Kississimee-Saint Cloud.

1976 R


Mack CF-685-F10, canopy cab, 1000/750. Purchased by the township for $55,000. It was traded into the dealer who the 1994 Seagrave was purchased from (FESCO).

1981 R W


Mack CF/LTI/Hamerly, canopy cab, 100 ft steel rear-mountladder.  Purchased by the township.  Replaced and sold in 2001 to Manatee Technical Institute and is used for their fire academy and was housed at the City of Bradenton Fire Station #3 on 59th St. in West Bradenton, FL. It is painted all white now with blue stripes and lettering on for the school.

1986 R


Mack MC/Car Mar, canopy tilt-COE, 1250/500. Purchased by the township for $52,000.  Was a demo.  Housed 10/20/86. Sold on 1/9/07 for $15,000 to a individual in Long Island who has a business testing sprinkler systems.

1994 R


Seagrave, J-series, 4-door tilt-cab, 1500/500, 55 ft Tele-Squirt.  The township purchased the truck and the company bought the tele-squirt to mount on it.  Housed 10/21/95 at a cost of $327,000.

1999 R


Dodge Durango, chiefs ride – purchased from McGarrity &Moser Dodge in the township for $23,000, became asst’s vehicle in 04 when the Tahoe was purchased - destroyed in 2008 in a accident.

2001 R


KME Excel, 4-door raised cab, 1500/300, 93 ft mid-mount tower, had a minor accident just after it was delivered went it exited the building, driver took the turn to quick, hit the building.

1994 R


Ford Explorer, 4-door, gas, automatic, got used prior to 2004 from Marple Ford for $16,000, used as utility unit and to tow the trailer. Sold to the Dover FC, PA for $5,000 in 2004

2004 R


Chevrolet Tahoe, purchased from Northeast Auto Outlet using the state bid system for $33,000. Chiefs vehicle.

2006 Ra


Ford F-550 XL Super-Duty/EVI, 4-door conv.cab, walk- round box body, 6.0L Power Stroke Turbo diesel V-8, 325HP, awning, 5.5KW PowerAll Inverter, unpainted Robinson roll-up compartment doors. Is designated 34-8, mass casualty/rehab unit. It can hold 18 backboards.  Housed 6/2/07.


2006 R


KME Predator XMFD, 4-door six man cab, 2000/750, Cummins ISL, 400HP, automatic, ladder storage tunnel, 10KW Onan hydraulic generator, and painted ROM rollup doors.  Sold by Horrocks Fire & Rescue Equipment, Collegeville, PA for $359,000 – twp. Paid $198,00 – the company $161,000.  Placed into service on 1/9/07.  Housed 6/2/07.

2009 R


GMC 2500, 4-door, gas, automatic